The Official International Finger Measuring Conversion Chart.

What’s my ring size?

This section was created to help the everyday Jane who has enough going on to remember their own mobile passcode let alone ring size. If you already know some type of ring measurement you can use our international ring conversion chart below 👇 or if you need to measure your size, here are some quick how to measure my ring size at home. 

How easy is converting my ring size?

Well, it's easy, yeah, but everyone is…"unique" when it comes to interpreting, anything, so some quick “READ ME FIRST” notes.

  • We wordsmithed the title from Ring Measuring to Finger Measuring because both are completely different but the ring conversion chart facilitates for both. If you have zero measurements to work with go here to find your finger measurement first.
  • Gabi Mannella Jewellery uses U.S  ring sizing. Why! Because it's goddamn easier using numbers from 5-11 then trying to use the alphabet + ¾ etc.
  • We don't work with half sizes because simply there’s such little difference between say a size 5.5 and a size 6. If you find your a halfling, Gabi recommends rounding up and choosing the next larger size.

The Chart

So our conversion chart gives you a range of international sizes i.e. A range of Australian/UK sizes that would give you the best fit for our full U.S sizing.

If you need any help, or have any questions, we’re always here. Use our chat, social DM or email us here.

Finger measurements in mm
AUS/NZ/UKPANDORAOur Ring Sizes (Standard US/CANADA Size)
J - K505
58mmL - M526
60.8mmN - O547
63.2mmP - Q56-588
66mmR - S609
68.65mmT - U6210