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Shop For Change: International Women's Day 2023

Shop For Change: International Women's Day 2023

Are you ready to be the change this International Women's Day?

In celebration of International Women's Day (8-10 March 2023), Gabi Mannella Jewellery is participating in Shop for Change. An impact-focused online three-day shopping event where we will triple our commitment by giving back $3 from every sale.

Over the three days, our goal collectively is to create change, impact women & girls' lives globally - and meet your expectations to Shop for Change. So shop with us this International Women's Day because when you Shop for Change, your choice equals change.

This International Women's Day 2023, we would like to focus our support on the Women's Community Shelters (WCS), which is backing the worldwide movement, #EmbraceEquity, to build a society where women and children are safe, secure, supported, and equal.

WCS recognizes that while equality strives to achieve a level playing field, equity acknowledges that different individuals or groups may require different levels of assistance to achieve the same outcome. Therefore, WCS takes a gender-responsive approach to every aspect of their work, offering secure accommodation and comprehensive support to women and children at risk of homelessness and domestic violence.

They provide over 40,000 safe bed nights to around 800 women and children in crisis every year. However, their experience has shown that they require more assistance as the demand for their services is increasing. Hence, on this IWD, they are requesting people to take action and donate to help them double their capacity and create another 40,000 safe and secure bed nights. Your donation can make a life-changing difference in the lives of the women and children residing in WCS shelters.

Over three days, 8-10 March 2023, Gabi Mannella Jewellery will triple our commitment to this cause by giving back $3 from every sale.

You can also donate directly on their website.

This International Women's Day, #EmbraceEquity and Shop for Change.

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