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Gold Plating at Gabi Mannella Jewellery

Good as gold

Our gold-plated jewellery is created with strength and durability in mind. 

From the sterling silver base to the 18kt, 2.5 microns of gold-plating (double the average thickness), also known as GOLD VERMEIL, we’ve designed it to last as long as possible.

Will the gold-plating wear off? Eventually, yeah — that’s just the nature of it. 

And although the materials we use help prolong the inevitable, you can give it a fighting chance (and extend the life) by following the care instructions.

With proper care and storage the gold-plating can easily last for years, but in high-use cases, it may begin to wear off after 6 months. 

When it does, the piece is still ok to wear, you’ll simply be able to see the sterling silver metal base underneath. Because this is due to wear and tear, it won’t be eligible for return or exchange. You can always have your piece re-plated at your local jewellery store. 

How to care for your gold plated jewellery

  • Remove before washing hands, showering or swimming
  • Wait until after you’ve applied makeup, hair spray, perfume and/or moisturiser to put your jewellery on
  • Protect it from extreme heat and sunlight
  • Gently rub with a jewellery cleaning cloth to restore shine and remove any tarnish
  • Avoid abrasive compounds, which will wear away the gold layers
  • If storing for long periods, place in an airtight bag to avoid tarnishing