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Brass Jewellery - Product FAQ

When planning our Bohemian collection we wanted to expand the options available for you to find that perfect piece that radiates the real, and raw you!

Brass seemed fitting and there’s some things to know when considering adding a Brass jewellery piece to your collection.

We only craft solid Brass Jewellery at Gabi Mannella Jewellery but its worth noting that Brass pieces can be plated and sold as solid Brass, how to tell if its solid brass? Hold a magnet to your piece, solid brass is non-magnetic.

How Does Brass Jewellery Look?

 Brass Jewellery undertakes its own transformative journey. Freshly crafted Brass jewellery will emit a subtle but gorgeous yellow shine with a close resemblance to gold. Over time Brass will age and brown to its “vintage” colour. To restore Brass Jewellery to its original nude gleam, a simple polish will shine it right up. 

Is Brass Durable?

Looking after your Brass rings in the right conditions, will provide a long life that can last centuries, outliving our past, present and future lives. Be sure to check out our Jewellery Aftercare information on caring for your Brass Jewellery. 

Does Brass Jewellery Turn Your Skin Green?

Short answer, yes, brass jewellery does turn the skin green, generally after wearing it for a long time. Dont stress, your hulky glow is only superficial, simply washing your finger with soap and water will remove any green residue. 

Why do Brass rings turn the skin green?

It’s not actually the Brass that is the cause of any greening to your skin. Brass is an alloy of two metals, copper and zinc. When the copper component meets oxygen and mixes with humidity from sweat, it causes oxidation, leaving a green layer behind. 

Care Tips:

This depends on the way you want your Brass piece to look. For the golden shine it’s best to avoid exposure to water, salt water, sweat, cleaning and beauty products and physical abuse as much as possible. 

Brass is super durable and will never rust, and if your going for that vintage brass colour you want accelerate the oxidation process as much as you can, this means you can wear the sh*# out of your new piece. Swim, shower, play sports, beach fashion, don't hold back, your solid Brass piece can take it.