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10% OFF First Orders | FREE Shipping on orders over $150
Amethyst - February Birthstone

Amethyst - February Birthstone

Amethyst is the official “don’t kill my vibe” stone. Seriously. Along with being simply gorgeous (who doesn’t love purple?) this rock packs a mean punch. Your world’s most popular gemstone, it has protective qualities, and can keep negative vibes from getting all up in your buisnezz.
So if you’re going somewhere stressful, aka. leaving the house at all, you will want to bring this lil guy along. Amethyst might just be the only guy rock you can carry, that will actually make you feel lighter.  
This beautiful purple stone will not only protect you—it will help you remember to slow down and relax, because, who doesn’t have anxiety these days, am I right? Worry not! Amethyst is nature's tranquilizer.
Last but not least, the purple guy is also known to help meditation and boost higher states of consciousness #NATURALLYHIGH
So whether you’re actually meditating or just trying to close some tabs on that brilliant brain of yours, Amethyst is your weapon of choice! 

Star Sign

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