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Cancer Jun 21st - Jul 22nd

Cancer Jun 21st - Jul 22nd

Cancer, don’t take this personally but….yeah, that’s just not possible. You’re feeling very Angelina Jolie this month and it’s possible that there’s a big project in the offing. I’m thinking now is the time to start that herb garden. Remember the one you saw online a few weeks back and thought I could stick a few pots on my window sill - it’s now, this is your moment.  I see basil in sandwiches in your foreseeable future.

Your planet is the moon, and when it’s full you’re in full bloom too. There are some big nights out coming up for you. And remember, just because you are the life and soul of the party it does not mean that you have to drink the party dry. Step away from the cleaning products, pace yourself.  The chardy will be back on special in Dans tomorrow night.

Cancer Birthstones

- Moonstone

- Ruby

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