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Libra Sep 23rd - Oct 22nd

Libra Sep 23rd - Oct 22nd

Twit-toooooooo. Oh, that’s just the sound of wolf whistles and some cat calls following you EVERYWHERE you go. You are flicking those admirers away with a gentle hair toss and a giggle.  People love you Libra Goddess, and why wouldn’t they? You have more fabulous in your little finger than a whole team of Beyonce back up dancers.

But Libra we have a problem, the comma has disappeared from your bank account. Who knew that champagne and oysters were going to clean you out? Some serious money management, that does not involve hiding under the bed covers is needed. You’re going to have to limit yourself to eating out in chain restaurants three times a week, standing only concert tickets, and gulp (I’m sorry) buying off the sale rack in designer shops. Be strong. You can do this, and before you know it you’ll be ready for that five star holiday splurge in Bali.  

Libra Birthstones

- Sapphire

- Pink Tourmaline

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