Virgo Aug 23rd - Sep 22nd

Hey Virgo, you’ve got the smarts and you know how to use them. In a recent poll of your friends, 90% voted you their first call if they ever found themselves hungover wearing a wedding dress in a Thai prison cell. You’re reliable and cool-headed, but remember you don’t need to over analyze everything, sometimes a meme is just a meme.

Virgo, why is there only a block of cheese and an almost empty bottle of wine in your fridge?  Is it because you’re never there? Isn’t it true that you spend all your daylight hours at work, and the last time you watched a sunset was on your phone? It’s time to stop wearing a foundation four times darker than your skin tone and get some actual sun. Take a holiday. Get to the beach, step away from your emails, and while you’re at it reactivate your Tindr profile, dust those dating cobwebs off, you’re due some holiday loving.

Virgo Birthstones

- Peridot

- Sapphire

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